My Favorite Flattering + Comfortable Shapewear

My Favorite Flattering + Comfortable Shapewear

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Following a botched c section…Spanx were my saving grace.  I wore Spanx every single minute of every day for almost 3 years including when I worked out.  Then I finally “graduated” to just wearing Spanx when I worked out or wore formal wear.  So…I kinda feel like an expert on the subject.  Here are a few of my favorite picks that are flattering but also comfortable and stay put as you move and LIVE!

I owned over 20 pairs of this particular style Spanx!  This was my favorite and the most comfortable and affordable pair of shapewear I found.  These were also my “workout” Spanx.  They provided control and support but they were still comfortable enough that I could move.

I’m not joking when I tell that you I worked out in these Spanx everyday for over 6 years!

When I finally stopped wearing high-waisted Spanx everyday these were my go to!  They provided support in the lower stomach area were I felt the most uncomfortable and least supported.  I did size up in these so they hit me a little higher on the waist.  I found them a little more flattering in the larger size.

This is the newest style Spanx I’ve tried.  Following my tummy tuck I started wearing these and they are another great option.  The bust is open and there are adjustable straps (similar to a bra) that go over your shoulders.  What I like about this particular option is that it 100% doesn’t move or slip because it’s secured over your shoulders.

Not technically “shapewear” in the traditional sense but these are amazing leggings that provide so much support and smoothing because they come up high on the waist and over your belly button.  They can be dressed up or dressed down and will give you the feeling that you are wearing shapewear without feeling uncomfortable.

I definitely suggest sizing up but sizing down in length if you’re 5’6″ and under.  They run a bit narrow and a bit long.

Hope this helps you in your search for comfortable but effective shapewear!  After MANY years of living in mine…I’m kinda an expert on the topic! 

Happy shapewear shopping!




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