St. Patrick’s Day is a fun, festive day that’s celebrated around the world. It’s a day to wear green, drink beer, and feast on traditional Irish dishes. Speaking of which, have you ever tried corned beef and cabbage? If not…you’re missing out on an iconic Irish dish! I’ve been eating this hearty and comforting meal […]


Because you’re NEVER too old for a cupcake with sprinkles! If you’re reading this post you are definitely old enough for a boozy cupcake 😉. I love making holiday themed dinners and desserts. It breaks up the everyday cooking routine and adds a little something extra special my family looks forward too. For this dessert, […]

How To Make Irish Soda Bread


Irish Soda Bread is a St. Patrick’s Day favorite in my family! My mom baked this every year on March 17th…and now I make it for my family too! I’m so excited to share my Mom’s recipe with you! It’s simple, delicious and has a more cake like consistency than traditional Irish Soda Bread. It’s perfect with a little butter and a cup of coffee or served with corned beef and cabbage!


Being a mom, wife and business owner…coffee is literally my life! I look forward to that first sip every morning and want nothing less than the perfect cup daily. I’ve done lot of research to find the best of the best for several different brewing […]


Have your ever baked a fresh loaf of bread? I was a little intimidated to move beyond fresh dinner rolls…but after an afternoon with a good friend and precise instructions…I’ve been baking bread nonstop! […]

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