Sharing my simple 10 minute routine that makes me look wake and refreshed after long day of chasing my kiddo and running a house and business all day long!

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Long gone are the days when I can spend endless amounts of time on myself.  As a busy working momma entrepreneur it’s vital that I save time anywhere (and everywhere) I can.  I have a simple 10 minute daily makeup routine that makes me feel awake, refreshed and confident enough to put this face on my Instagram stories daily!

Below are all of my favorite products and brushes that I use in the video tutorial I shared on my IGTV channel.  For the live tutorial click the link below.

Product Sources

Ok ladies…so that’s it!  I use good quality products that work for my acne prone skin and make me feel awake and refreshed to face the day.  Hope this routine helps add a little time back into your day too.

Be sure to watch the video for my application of each product.




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