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Welcome to my Cozy Winter Home Tour!  I’ve teamed up with an amazing group of ladies to share our tips and tricks to create cozy and inviting homes during the chilly winter months.  At the end of this post, you’ll find links to all the winter home tours.  Be sure to pop over and visit my gal pals when we’re done chatting (and shopping)!!

Styling the house after the holidays can be tricky.  After putting away the sparkle of the Christmas season, my home felt a little empty and sad.  There’s something magical that happens when all that extra holiday decor is around the house…it adds such a coziness.  The goal for my winter decor was to keep the coziness, minimize the use of color, and do it on a budget!  I reused and repurposed a lot of my decor and only purchased a few new pillows and throws (on MAJOR sale).  I’ve included shopping details for each area of my home for your convenience.

Now…onto the important stuff!  Do you have a cup of something delicious to drink while we tour?  No…ok…I’ll wait…….

waiting….waiting…still waiting…got it?  Ok GOOD!

Here we go!   Welcome in friends!

A simple canvas tote and greenery add a cozy touch to the front entry.

My foyer…

one of my favorite spaces in the house.  With a curving staircase, wrap around bannister and open views to the second story…the decor options are limitless.  For Christmas, I drapped 100ft of fresh cedar garland around the stairway (we won’t talk about the mess that happened!).  When I finally removed the garland (because OMG was it dead), I was a little worried that it would take months to get over the coziness it added.  I was surprised how quickly I fell in love with this clean look. Adding wood tones with the tobacco baskets and crates and greenery in this simple vase did the trick.

The living room…

the space we focused on renovating in 2017.  We really do “live” in this room…so focusing our efforts here made sense.  To cozy up this large open room for winter, I focused on adding three main elements:

1. Candles: tall, short, wide and narrow…any and all candles were gathered and dropped here.  The glow of the candles and warmth from the fire help replace the coziness of twinkling Christmas lights.

2. Textured pillows and throws:  In various nooks around the room, I layered textured pillows in shades of white and added a fuzzy throw blanket or two!  And just when I get everything perfectly fluffed…my little dude (or pup) come running in and remind me it’s suppose to be cozy winter decor (not perfectly styled winter decor…a girl can try right!!!)

3. Old books – I’m definitely developing a thing for vintage books (and it’s getting worse).  The character of the aged pages, missing covers and tattered edges…the “love” these books have seen over the years…it’s a perfect cozy element to add to winter decor.

This is my favorite wall in the living room (because we created it ourselves!)  My giant clock was put away to make room for our Christmas tree and boy was I happy when it went back on the wall.  In addition to candles, cozy textures and books, I added fresh greens in this space.  In vases, there are two types of fresh eucalyptus, white hydrangea, and iced kale.  Peeking out from the inside the buffet, I added a wood crate with a mix of fresh and artificial eucalyptus.  Eucalyptus was definitely my go to winter floral…it’s literally in every space on this tour!

Having a little one, hubs and I spend most of our nights and weekends in this room.  Cozy fire, lots of candles, fuzzy slippers and some yummy beverages make for great home date nights!  Who says you have to leave the house to have a romantic date night?

Tucked into the corner of this large room….

The kitchen dining table…

I decided to keep it very casual.  After having fancy tables set for Thanksgiving and Christmas…I wanted something simple and everyday.  I got a crazy deal on this ivory cable knit table runner (it’s from Crate and Barrel..there are a few left in stock but you have to call the stores – details are linked in “shop the kitchen” below.)  Sorry just HAD to share that…it’s almost 75% off…just sayin!

GAH…where was I…oh that’s right, simple tablescape for winter.  I drapped this chunky runner across the table, added a vintage chicken feeder, white plates and frosted eucalyptus. Simple and fresh for the winter season.

This is the perfect spot to sip coffee, nibble on pastries and stare at the (very cold) pool and dream of warm summer days!   Some mornings I will sit here with my coffee and watch my little one will run around in the yard and play soccer.  Just love our oversized windows.

shop the kitchen

Our master bedroom has the exact same footprint as our living room…so there will be LOTS more furniture landing in this space to completely fill it up!  But in the meantime, I’m LOVING the coziness this chair adds!

And finally…

the master bedroom!  This room got a surprise furniture update last month when we FINALLY purchased a king size bed!  Our 4-year-old ends up in our bed every single night (no matter what trick we try) so hubs and I decided to embrace it and get a bigger bed.  Of course I found the most amazing wingback chairs when buying the new bed frame…so this cozy chair made the trip home with me too!

My mannequin form is wearing a fancy hat and a tree skirt if you can believe it!  I tied it around the waist and used a few straight pins to keep the skirt  together.

A new bed meant all new sheets and bedding!  I always wanted all white bedding but was too afraid with a pup (and kiddo).  I decided to just go for it and purchased nice but reasonably priced bedding so that it can be easily replaced if need be.  Instead of purchasing a large matching bedding set, I pieced together different white elements in all different tones and textures.  For winter, I added a large chunky knit throw pillow, fur pillows, fur throw blanket and chunky knit blanket.   Oh and don’t forget my favorite slippers…I literally go no where without them these days!

Thank you so much for touring my home today!  I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit and I gave you a little dose of cozy winter decor inspiration.  If you liked what you saw, make sure we’re email buddies so you never miss a post.  Details are below.

And don’t forget, there’s more beautiful winter decor for you to explore!  Also sharing their homes today are Debra at Common Ground and Amber at Follow The Yellow Brick Home.  Hop on over and say hello to these lovely ladies.

Until next time fancy friends!

Happy Cozy Home Touring!




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